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Our areas of activity

  • Distributing school supplies
  • Setting up small village libraries
  • Organization and implementation of “Science Days”
  • Project days on sustainable agriculture
  • Financing and implementation of courses on primary health care in villages
  • Access to clean drinking water through micro-plants for water treatment
  • Distributing food parcels
  • Distributing warm clothes

Cross borders, meet people, get involved

Each of us has skills that allow us to positively impact the lives of less privileged people. Engineers can provide clean drinking water or access to electricity. Teachers can give children as well as adults the opportunity to gain certain basics in math, English or other subjects. Peoplewho are gifted in their work can pass on their knowledge to the unemployed or day labourers so that they can earn a reasonably reliable living. Creative people can also contribute through their music, art or other skills by tearing people out of their dreary everyday lives, causing them to forget their worries for a moment. The world is full of possibilities, which is why, without exception, for every talent, no matter how extraordinary, there are ways to enrich the lives of others.

All donations received go to people in need!