Shred Up?

Shred Up is about creating a self-sustaining plastic recycling centre. This involves building the machinery, training local staff, developing a plastic waste collection system and educating people, especially the youth, about plastic pollution and how to combat it.

After installation, these recycling centres will be handed over to the local community and can be expanded and multiplied through further cooperation. As far as possible we use locally available components to assemble the machines so that no parts need to be imported and any broken components can be easily replaced on site.

Wanna be kept up to Date?

We shared this is a short clip on Facebook in January 2022 showcasing the first build shredder in Halabja.

If you wanna see more and find out how far things have come since, give us a follow and get in touch!

What’s new ?

February Update for Plastic Recycling Project

Hello everyone! February has been a busy month for us here in Halabja. Spring is here and the hills around us have turned a vibrant green. It has become clear that we will be working in Iraqi Kurdistan for at least the next year which is very exciting. Shredup is now...

Monthly update for January 2022

Hello everyone! What a month it has been! Since the last update this region has faced one of the coldest Januaries in living memory. In Halabja it was down to -15C every night for nearly two weeks causing water pipes to freeze and burst, heavy snowfall (60 cm in 24...

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