Here you will find all the small fundraisers that were possible thanks to the support of so many of you!

Monthly update for January 2022

Hello everyone! What a month it has been! Since the last update this region has faced one of the...

Hope for an Afghan boy

According to the WHO World Tuberculosis Report, 1.5 million people worldwide died of tuberculosis...

School furniture for Matsarigi

Through the still existing contact with Robert, who ran the children's home of the IMANI...

,When we founded Travel for Smiles e.V., it was important to us to always have a small budget in order to be able to help the local people at our voluntary projects directly and unbureaucratically. We record and publish all these small donations via blog post, so that people always have direct insight into where these funds, with which they support us, are going.

Luca Toboll

Co-founder Travel for Smiles e.V.


How it all started

Floods in Iran

At least 78 dead, over a thousand injured, more than 2,000 cities and towns that are completely or partially flooded, ten million affected, two million in need of humanitarian aid, over 14,000 kilometers of traffic routes have been damaged and 725 bridges have been torn down. These are a few figures on one of the most devastating flood disasters in Iran in recent decades. 25 of the country's 31 existing provinces experienced flooding from...

February Update for Plastic Recycling Project

February Update for Plastic Recycling Project

Hello everyone! February has been a busy month for us here in Halabja. Spring is here and the hills around us have turned a vibrant green. It has become clear that we will be working in Iraqi Kurdistan for at least the next year which is very exciting. Shredup is now part of a broader local campaign which is called Green City Halabja. This campaign consists of several different projects which all aim to combat environmental pollution, connect...