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Floods in Iran

At least 78 dead, over a thousand injured, more than 2,000 towns and villages completely or partially flooded, ten million people affected, two...

February Update for Plastic Recycling Project

Hello everyone! February has been a busy month for us here in Halabja. Spring is here and the hills around us have turned a vibrant green. It has...

School furniture for Matsarigi

Through the still existing contact with Robert, who ran the children's home of the IMANI Children's Home in which Luca and I had met in the...

Our projects

Shred Up

Creating self-sustaining plastic recycling centers, with a focus on education in regions with a lack of adequate infrastructure, to be handed over to the local community with the possibility of expansion and replication of the facilities after installment.

One Smile at a Time

By helping immediately and unbureaucraticly with small scale emergency relief, we make sure to always keep our eyes and hearts open to situations in the places that we work.